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Find below five personality traits constituents find lovable about Hon. Surajudeen Olatunji Tijani, the lawmaker representing Ojo Constituency 02, and fondly call Emir:

One, Accessibility. This is the quality of being able to be reached or entered. Emir is one lawmaker that is easily accessible. He is the mold of politicians who operate open door policy. He believes, and demonstrates this trait bearing in mind that it takes a reachable representative to understand the plights, sentiments and concerns of the people and devise enduring measures to meet their needs and aspirations.

Two, Optimism. This is the tendency to expect positive outcome, as opposed the quality of harbouring negativities. Emir is prognostic of good outcomes for the present, and the future. He works assiduously, while expecting good things to happen commensurately. His optimism is not based on the expectation of awesome outcomes while romancing indolence. He understands that it takes a smart and hard worker to achieve positive results. The reason for his unalloyed commitment to work since his first day in Office.

Three, Need for achievement. This is the attitude that is driven by unbridled desire to record requisite outcome. This attitude may be motivated by optimism, but not limited to the desire to achieve desirable results. It is a quality motivated by the desire to accomplish more than necessary, by setting high standards of excellence. Emir, by this trait, works persistently and smart to record immediate and distant goals. In three years in Office, he has set a standard like never before. His Education Support Initiative; Empowerment for Women, programmes embedded in Personal and Social Responsibility are second to none, and he is not relenting on his oars.

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Four, Need for cognition. Emir has demonstrated that he is in high need for cognition. This is not because he is bereft of knowledge needed to succeed in his capacity. He has been reputed to be resoundingly intelligent. Yet he has shown to be hungry for knowledge. He finds it rewarding to understand things; and willing to use considerable cognitive efforts to deal with people, and participate in governance. He enjoys learning and the process of understanding and acquiring new knowledge.

Five. Consciousness. This is a state of being aware of, and responsive to one’s immediate and distant environment. This attitude helps in paying attention to details. It helps in spending more time preparing for a task, and finishing same in due time. This is one personality trait Emir is reputed for. Whenever there is a task to achieve; he takes his time to prepare, sets targets and work assiduously to achieve same. He is pragmatic. He is highly sensitive to his environment. He is readily alive to perception of his constituents and sees issues from the point of view of others. These traits will necessarily boost his chances in the coming election in 2023.

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