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Allah severe in penalty – Imam warns Muslims imitating western marriages



The Chief Imam of Area 10 Garki Mosque, Yahya Al-Yolawi has chided Muslims imitating western styles of weddings and other ceremonies.

The cleric, during his sermon on ‘Innovations in Islamic Marriage’ on Friday in Abuja, warned that Allah is severe in punishment.

NAN quoted Yolawi stating that Islam is very clear on the activities that are lawful and forbidden.

He said current “creations and additions” were not originally found in Islam or from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

The religious leader listed such unIslamic activities as unlawful things, western styles, bad cultures and traditions.

Others are “unnecessary delay of marriage in the name of colleges and university studies; waiting for a ready-made husband or wife; reckless spendings and display of class and status”.

Yolawi insists what some Muslims practice in recent years negate Islamic teachings, discourage those intending to marry, promote hardship, immoralities and adultery.

The Imam demands that the problem be addressed by the youth, parents, royal fathers, religious and community leaders and other stakeholders.

“We need to educate ourselves on the true Islamic teachings in marriage, starting from the process of getting married on the wedding day, and what follows after that.

“Allah says and cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is severe in penalty”, Yolawi stressed

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