FCT Yoruba Traditional Leaders Support FG With Palliatives

FCT Yoruba Leader Supports FG With Palliatives

2nd from left of VP in white, Oba Aala of FCT and other Yoruba traditional rulers, FCT in a group photograph with the Vice President, Yemi Osibajo

A leader and custodian of the Yoruba culture and customs in the federal capital territory, Oba Aala Babajide S.O Falade has implored the federal government to earnestly make provisions for his people as the end to lockdown in the city is still debatable.

Speaking with our correspondent via Skype, the Yoruba strong man lauded the efforts of the government and various individuals who have contributed immensely to support the federal government in her gallant move to suppress the spread of covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria, stressing that it is not over until it is over.

Food items from Oba Aala of FCT to FG

According to him, the federal authority should equally look inward to accommodate traditionalists in their scheme of things stating that when knowledge from both the scientists and their spiritual partners are harnessed, covid-19 will be a thing of the past. “African governments, in general, have for a very long time alienate the traditionalists when it comes to the issue of medication. Come to think of it, Europeans and Americans have always tapped the potentials of African traditionalists to develop their science. Roots which are fermented to produce all the so-called Western medicine are all from Africa. The knowledge were all influenced by what our forefathers left behind for us that we have infused into the Western medicals to achieve what we have today”

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African governments should look inward to encourage and grant loans to traditionalists to enable them to develop orthodox medicine that will be scientifically tested for use by our people. There are a lot of gifted thinkers among our traditionalists who should be given a place of preeminence in the health sector alongside their Western partners to move our health sector forward.

I call on the federal government as a matter of urgency to extend its arm of comradeship to the traditionalists to support the health sector in finding solutions to the myriad of health issues facing us.

Afterall, with all the science in the world, covid-19 and some other diseases such as HIV is yet to be accorded any scientific solution! Together we can move forward he said.

The West has always undermined our progress in the field of medicine whereas most of their inventions started from here in Africa. The enormous potency of traditional medicine should not be ignored; both the Orthodox and modern medications should be thoroughly researched into for solutions to the world health matters.

As part of his own support to the alleviation of basic needs for traditionalists during this lockdown, the custodian of Yoruba culture and customs in the FCT calls on traditionalists in the city to reach out to Yoruba Temple for their palliatives. Following the steps of Oodua first son, the Ooni of Ife who is the custodian of the Yoruba race, we have also packaged some relief materials to assist our traditionalists in the FCT.

The Yoruba traditional worshippers have faith in the Ooni and other traditional leaders who have ably sanitized Nigeria as a whole through divination to ward off covid-19 in the land and their prayers has been answered, he concluded

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