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Grace Nation: In the midst of Confusion in Life, You need a word from God – Dr Chris Okafor



Grace Nation: In the midst of Confusion in Life, You need a word from God – Dr Chris Okafor

* be Obedient to secure your future-Okafor

Popular Lagos Pastor and Lead Pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor has again advised Nigerians to be obedient in order to secure there future as the 2023 General election draw nearer.

Speaking on the forthcoming General election, the Generational Prophet of God said christians must not leave governance in the hand of Politicians who did not have the interest of a common man at heart, the man of God said with obedient to God, the future of our youths are quaranttee, go out there vote and ensure your votes counts

In his short Teaching at the midweek Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance service with Topic Pursue, Overtake and recover all, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor emphasised that whatever anyone lay it hand upon and want to be successful, that person needs a word from God to achieve it, although God will.not come down physically but he will.send a man to perfect his plan for you.

The Apostle of altars said why some people fail to Tap from the blessings God have for them because they did not recognised their helper of destiny on time, he said some even go as far as abusing their helper of destiny making it difficult for God to help them, the man of God therefore challenged Child of God to always listen to instruction from there spiritual father, it will.fasten God blessings over there life

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The realm of the prophetic witness, Healings, Deliverance and miracles, miracle babies were releases as many evil altars were destroyed and untimely death cancel all to the glory of God…

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