Nigeria Elections 2023: Accord collapses structure for Obi hours to poll

Nigeria Elections 2023: Accord collapses structure for Obi hours to poll

Accord Party has endorsed Peter Obi, the flag-bearer of the Labour Party (LP), for the 2023 presidential election.

This comes a few hours before the Presidential election slated for today, Saturday, February 25.

The party also announced that it would be collapsing its party structure in support of Obi.

In a letter obtained by SKYNEWSLINK Friday night, the Accord Party in its address to Obi stated that it was willing to join forces with the LP in delivering the mandate of LP flag-bearer and the party to win the presidential seat.

Copy of the endorsement letter below:


The party pledged to join the Labour Party’s structure across the 774 local government areas in Nigeria to deliver the constituencies to Obi during the presidential election.

The Accord Party further stated that it would engage in massive mobilisation by deploying its party members, canvassers, and voters nationwide to vote for Peter Gregory Obi.

The party set a target of delivering five million votes to the Labour Party.

The endorsement of Peter Gregory Obi by the Accord Party is significant as it brings together two political parties with a long-standing history in Nigerian politics.

The Accord Party was founded in 2006 and has had its candidates serve in legislative positions at the state and federal levels. The party has a strong presence across the 35 states of the federation and has been known to deliver their constituencies at every election.

When contacted, Rev Isaac Adeniyi, the Accord Chairman also confirmed the development adding that “they believe Obi has the chances to win this (presidential) election”.


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