Police Extortion on Badagry Road Motorists Call on Commissioner of Police Lagos to Rescue Them.

Police Extortion on Badagry Road Motorists Call on Commissioner of Police Lagos to Rescue Them.

Motorists along the Badagry express road are now calling on Commissioner of Police, Lagos, CP Adegoke Fayoade, to intervene and address the escalating issue of police extortion. Expressing their distress and frustration, these motorists are urging the Commissioner to come to their aid and put an end to the unwarranted demands for increased payments.

In a collective plea, the affected individuals are seeking the Commissioner’s intervention to restore order and ensure that law enforcement officers uphold their duty without resorting to intimidation and damage of property. The call for CP Adegoke Fayoade’s involvement highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive resolution to this issue, emphasizing the importance of restoring public confidence in the police force.

One motorist, Mr. Deji, shared a harrowing account of his encounter with the police on Badagry express road. According to Mr. Deji, officers resorted to damaging his vehicle’s tire when he resisted paying the escalated fee of ₦200. This incident reflects a distressing trend of heightened aggression by law enforcement officials in their quest for additional funds. He said police has over 21 check point in Badagry road and each check point collect ₦200 from every buses.

Instances of such police extortion have become more frequent, creating an atmosphere of fear and frustration among motorists. Commuters are increasingly finding themselves at the mercy of these unscrupulous practices, which not only pose financial burdens but also compromise road safety.

As the outcry from motorists gains momentum, the spotlight is now on the Commissioner to take decisive action, investigate the reported incidents, and implement measures that will not only address the immediate concerns but also prevent the recurrence of such abuse of power in the future. The appeal to the Commissioner serves as a rallying cry for justice and accountability, emphasizing the role of leadership in maintaining law and order on the Badagry express road.

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