Spotlight On The Leadership Of Alaba International Market, Lagos

Spotlight On The Leadership Of Alaba International Market, Lagos


Alaba International Market has been strategically transformed by the current leadership to boost economic activities in Lagos State.

In this report, our Correspondent informs the public about the leadership of Alaba market and how they have been working round the clock to improve the market for the benefit of the people according to the information gathered from some stakeholders of the market.


GEDA Chairman


Honourable Nze Marcel Okezue, President of Edan Electrical Dealer Association of Nigeria (EDAN), said in an interview with our Correspondent that Alaba is a very big market, where so many people both far and near come to do their businesses without harassment.

According to Okezue, when he came to Alaba market, there were so many challenges including NEPA light and security but by the grace of God, those challenges have been settled, saying the market leadership has been enjoying maximum cooperation from the people.

On his part, Hon. Pastor Peter Ubaezike ANC Chairman of (GEDA) General Electrical Dealer Association, Alaba International Market said the market is a place of high tension material and it also deals with NEPA material as well as all industrial electronic equipment and their customers are enjoying good services because adequate security has been beefed up in the market. He disclosed that when he came on board as Chairman, there were so many challenges as a result of unsteady power supply and bad roads that usually made the road busy but he was able to fix the road challenge, adding that 35% of his promises has been fulfilled.

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EDAN Chairman

Ubaezike further made it known that he has stopped fighting in the market by making it a law that fighting in the markets is illegal. He gave hope that all the promises made to the people will be fulfilled before the end of his tenure by the grace of God.

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